List of Equipments

Main Filtration Unit for Super Cleaning of Oil as per NAS / ISO Standards

Features & Specifications  

Trolley Fitted with Laser Particle Counter to Test oil samples for NAS / ISO Oil Cleanliness level – ON LINE.

Micron Rating – 3 Micron Absolutely Rated Filter Element Beta Ratio of Filter Element - 200 Minimum

Oil condition before and after Filtration.

Particle Counter for NAS / ISO Level Oil Testing

Features & Specifications  

Laser Particle Counter – Pods ( Portable Oil Diagnostic System)

It Can Test Oil Sample On Line As Well As Off Line.

Copy Of Report Indicating Contamination Level Before And After Filtration.

Special Filtration Unit for Water Removal from Oil

Features & Specifications  

Water Removal Filtration Unit Special Filtration Unit Imported from Denmark.

Used to Remove Water From For Emulsified Oil.

Condition of oil before & After water removal

Small Oil Tanks and Barrel of Oil Filtration Unit

Features & Specifications  

Custom Made Portable Special Filtration Unit for Small Hydraulic System.

Portable Filtration Unit for Small Oil Tanks and Oil in Barrel. Filtration Unit for Topping Off & Oil Transfer.

Large System Flushing Unit

Features & Specifications  

Pump – 300 LPM
Pipe Sixe – 4 “

Small System Flushing Unit


Pump – 100 LPM Pipe Sixe – 2“